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Re: [MOL] lung cancer

In a message dated 12/12/2000 4:39:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
>  My mother has lung cancer but also COPD.  She is too weak to take tissue 
>  samples so we don't know what kind. In the past 5 days she has begun to 
>  her voice.  Could this be the cancer or something else?  She isn't in any 
>  pain.
>  Debbie

Debbie, about two weeks before my father wax dx w/ lung cancer, our family 
attended the funeral of his younger brother (lung cancer).  Several relatives 
commented that they had difficulty understanding my father's speech.  After 
he was diagnosed and they did a bronchioscope (sp?) it left him only able to 
whisper for several months.  The doctor told us not to get our hopes up that 
it would return as it was due to nerve damage from the tumor resting upon it. 
 Well, believe me - it returned - you have only to witness the family running 
away from his ill-temper to know just how LOUD it can be!  -chris
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