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[MOL] Can You Judge a Food by its Label?...

Can You Judge a Food by Its Label?

When the label says "fat free" do you know what that means? Do all "lows" mean the same thing?

Health claims on food labels have standard meanings, so you can compare products and feel comfortable with the information. The term "fat free" means less than one half gram of fat per serving. "Low-fat" means three grams or less fat in a serving. If the label says "sugar free," it means less than one half gram sugars per serving.

Words like "lite," "reduced," "high," "more" and "rich in" also have universal definitions. Now by checking the label you can confidently choose products, and shop with ease. Health claims are based on a standard serving size, so be sure to check if the serving is what you eat. If your portion is different--the fat, calories, sugar and everything listed on the label will also be different. If you need help with food labels contact a registered dietitian. Use food labels to help you make healthful purchases.

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