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Re: [MOL] From chris; ref: my Dad

In a message dated 12/04/2000 11:29:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Glad to hear you had a somewhat nice visit Chris!!!  I hope he gets his meds
>  straightened out and all that.  It is so hard for my husband to eat when 
> can't>  taste anything or doesn't have an appetitie.  I give him those 
ensure drinks 
> and>  he'll slug one of them down. Take Care friend,    Beav
    Oh, Beav, if only he would drink them!  Virginia sneaks some into his 
milk, but he's even backing off from that.  He has lost (I'd say) a good 15 
lbs.  Maybe if they get the pain under control, his appetite will do better.  
Hard to be hungry when you hurt.  -chris
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