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Re: [MOL] Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - Survivor

    Well my hubsand is also, and so far so good..He has been in treatment since June, so well will see how it goes, should know about how all the treatments, meds, and every thing slse buy Jan.  If I can help in any wya, please just ask the questions, and some one here has answers, as we are a ghreat family, and are all going throught this together!!!! xo Dean  ( this group are sent by GOD for us all, and they are wonderful people here, thank you LORD )  xo Dean   ps I think Lillian has most all the answers to anything..Lillian hope you and your computer are ok now, I didn't open any of those, only because of having seen these types of e-mails before, and they have usuly had bugs, guess I was lucky, one such e-mail was sent to one of the companys I worked for, took them some time to fix all their compters....  xo Dean
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Subject: [MOL] Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - Survivor

I have just got a mail wherin a person is looking for a survivor of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. Her husband is suffering from it and they need to know the treatment. Please respond at:
Thank You