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[MOL] Genome project holds promise for Science and Cancer care....

On the Horizon: Genome Project Holds Promise for Science
Cancer Care

(On the Horizon is a periodic column, by Memorial
Sloan-Kettering President Harold Varmus.  This article
provides his perspective on the Human Genome Project and
ramifications for research and cancer care.)

Decoding the human genome -- the genetic blueprint of a
human being -- will eventually lead to new ways to prevent,
diagnose, and treat cancer and other diseases. Scientists
from the public Human Genome Project and the private Celera
Genomics Corporation announced last June that they had
assembled a working draft of some 85 percent of the human
genome, generating debate about how this information could
benefit mankind. Most immediately, Dr. Varmus predicts that
there will be significant advances in the way scientific
research is conducted.  The tools developed during the
genome project to analyze sequence information and to probe
functional significance of individual genes will expedite
biomedical research and accelerate the pace at which
scientific data are generated.  In time, it may become
possible to use genetic information to diagnose cancers
accurately and to identify people with an increased risk of
the disease.


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