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[MOL] Clinical Trial Summaries in lay language....

Clinical Trial Summaries Now Available in Real Time

To help meet a growing demand for lay-language information
about new cancer trials, Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Web
now offers a real-time clinical trial browser.

"The information presented on our Web site is continually
updated with current data from our in-house clinical trial
database and includes summaries of each study's purpose,
methods, and eligibility criteria, written in
easy-to-understand language," says Roger S. Wilson, MD,
Chairman of the Center's Institutional Review Board.

Clinical trials test new approaches to preventing,
diagnosing, or treating disease in people. MSK's clinical
trial browser includes a listing of select studies actively
enrolling patients at the Center and provides clear
descriptions about each trial's objective, methods, and
requirements for participation, as well as contact
information for the clinical investigator leading the
The Web browser is automatically updated whenever the
of a study changes.

"Because the World Wide Web is an evolving medium, it is
important for us to make sure new content is added -- and
existing content is updated -- on a real-time basis," says
Dr. Wilson. "At the same time, we wanted the information to
be easily understandable to patients and members of the
public," he adds.

Information about new trials is not always available in
straightforward language that can be easily grasped by
who don't have a medical background. This new,
browser allows the general public to identify the trials
are of interest to them in two clicks -- first by selecting
disease, then a type of trial.

In addition, a link is provided to the National Institutes
of Health clinical trial database, where users can get
additional information on cancer-related research studies
being conducted at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and at other
institutions in the United States.

Dr. Jay Adlersberg recently featured MSK's new clinical
trial browser on Channel 7 Eyewitness News, the nightly
newscast of New York's ABC affiliate. To read more about
report, visit the health page on 7 Online:


Memorial Sloan-Kettering's clinical trial browser can be
found at the following URL:

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