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It can't hurt to take MGN-3 at the same time as IP6.
If you recall Dr. Levin's account in the article I
sent, he was taking all kinds of other compounds and
supplements when he started on the MGN-3.

 Hi, I have one more question please.  I have small cell lung cancer.  Will
MGN-3 work for lung cancer, and where do you get it?


Carol O.

Hi Carol,

Dr. Ghoneum recommends it as a preventative for heavy smokers.  Thus,
I would assume it would work for small cell lung cancer.  Your immune
system cells are everywhere in your body, including your lungs.

The best source for MGN-3 is CompassioNet at (800) 510-2010.

Best of luck and please let me know your results.

God Bless You!