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[MOL] Discover The Secrets of Wealth on the Internet!


Every month over 1,000,000 new web-sites come on-line. 
Websites from people who want to make a living from 
internet commerce.  But they haven't got the slightest 
idea how to go about it. 
Would you like to be able to get a list of these people?  

Newcomers to the Net are ideal prospects for anyone 
offering Internet Marketing services and training of 
any kind.  Would you like to get the tools to trace them, 
take them by the hand, and sell them your unique 
internet marketing program?  These newbies will 
welcome your offer with outstretched arms! 
(Remember your own desperation when you entered the
Imagine!  You can offer them a free manual that 
provides the step-by-step information they have been 
searching for ever since they came on line, when they 
buy the necessary software to become successful from 
you.  Do you think you'll have any problems selling to 
these people???  When you realize that newcomers to 
the Internet want and need your help, it should be clear 
that here is the answer to all of your promotion 

Here is the Mother-lode! The source of more business 
than you ever dreamed of! If you could reach these 
people, it would be almost like getting the combination 
to your bank's safe!  The question is though, how do you 
find these people?  There is no main gate to the Internet, 
that everyone goes through when they first get online... 
no "newbie" lounge where they all congregate... or 
is there?  In fact, there is a place where most Internet 
newcomers gather, if they are hoping to establish a 
web-based home business.  You can find them there any 
time of the day or night... I can show you where they are! 

Now let me ask you a question. 

If it's as easy to become wealthy on the web as these internet 
marketing guru's say, why isn't everyone working an online 
businesses making a lot of money and getting rich? 

I will tell you why.  It's because most people quit before they 
put in the time it takes to succeed. They join a program because 
they were sold on the idea that they could do a few simple tasks 
and then sit back and watch the money roll in. They weren't really 
told that it would take time and effort to get to the top of the 
program.  Plus they weren't prepared for the fact that their new 
online business would not reward them with a lot of money while 
they lay the necessary ground work needed for any business to 

Did you know that only the top 5% will succeed in an online 
business?  These are the people with enough drive and ambition 
to stick with a program long enough to make it succeed. 
These are the people who make all the big money. 
They are people just like you and me.  Average people with 
average computer and business skills.  The difference between 
them and rest of the world is that when they decide to do something, 
they stick with it until they succeed. They assume there will be ups 
and downs along the way, but will continue to push on even when 
all their friends tell them it will never work. 

Did you know that Amway is a multi-level marketing company? 
Did you know that they have created more millionaires than just 
about any other business in history?  Now I'm not suggesting that 
you run out and join Amway.  Although I'm sure if they don't 
already, they will soon have a presence on the web. 
The other 95% need not apply.

None of the Internet Marketing Gurus has ever been able 
to tell you where to catch ideal prospects when they're 
entering the net!  I can and I will!  If you would like 
to reach these people, I'll be glad to show you how 
you can.  But, I will not waste my time to teach anybody 
who is not motivated enough to become very very rich 
in just 180 days, by selling to these newcomers on 
the net.  I want your commitment for a couple of hours 
per day for 180 days.  I want you to do EXACTLY what 
I tell you to do - nothing more, nothing less. 
If you can discipline yourself enough for that period of 
time, you will be rewarded with the greatest wealth 
you've ever dreamt of.  I'm NOT going to share my unique 
information with every Tom, Dick or Harry.  I want to 
keep this EXCLUSIVE to a selected number dedicated 
wealth creators.  You've got to send me an email first 
to show me that you are serious about this.  I will then 
send you a 30 page FREE booklet that will explain most 
of the details.  You can read it first and then decide 
whether you are motivated enough to become  very very 
rich in just 180 days.  

 If you are dedicated enough, please send an email with 
"Send Free Booklet" in the subject field to 
click here to send the same message: 

Don't waste your time any further on other so called 
"money making" programs.  I offer you the opportunity 
to become very very rich in just 180 days by selling to 
the newcomers on the Internet.  The easiest market on 
earth.  But you have to have the desire to become rich 
and be prepared to do exactly what I'll tell you to do. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best regards

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