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Hi Lillian;
    I have a guru of computers coming over from my husbands
church tonight to check if I picked up the worm virus or
whatever. He is going download Norton antivirus I think.
Take Care,  You friend.....Beav

Lillian wrote:

>   Well Pat, if you think you got hit hard, wait till you
> hear my woes.  I pray there is no one else who got hit
> with the virus, or should I say viruses??? ! I had 5
> viruses:    MSIMN.EXE, I miss you, Program file-Outlook
> Express    MS DOS, MSIMNEXE.    WScript. Kak Worm
> MTX.,Trojan    MTX, MTA They effected 108 files.  Yes, you
> read right and I am not going to list them all.
> Giggling.  One file it effected was my Nortan Virus.  Did
> I fix all of these?  No way, I tried; but ended up hiring
> someone to come in and fix it. Did find out that the
> easiest way to fix effected programs is to use another
> anti-virus program, now why did I not think of that
> myself?    So here I sit with an elcheapo virus program
> ($29.95) compared to my exquisite Norton's program and
> this one actually works fast and better...... Michael did
> you get everything squared away on yours? Chris is right,
> stay away from attachments!!!!  It sure feels great to be
> back on, missed, lillian We invite you to
> take a look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....

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