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Re: [MOL] SRS & colds ...

Once in awhile you have to wave the white flag and
surrender!!  Antibiotics would probably help because your
immune system isn't quite strong enough to attack all this
on it's own.Hope you get to feeling better.....Your
freind,   Beav wrote:

>  I have come down with I do believe the mother of all
> colds & having a really
> hard time fighting it.  I have a feeling the radiation has
> zapped all
> imunities from my system ??  Anyone have any thoughts on
> this one ?  Come on,
> I know you do !!  LOL   I never have a cold this long ...
> it has been since
> Thursday since I felt remotely human !  I may have to give
> in & call the doc
> tomorrow for antibiotics ... I hate to surrender !
> Have a good day all !
> Carol

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