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So good to hear from you...I gritted my teeth and opened your email. I was so upset as this was my first virus..and this computer was given to me by Daddy after Mom cause he knew how much researching I had been doing on my sons computer about Mom's cancer. So I guess I have an unreasonable fear of  ruining something my Daddy gave me! I know I was pretty lucky not to have had more damage. Jim and NAV told me I had WScript.KakWorm but night before it said I had W95.MTX.dr......Jim did say it kind of looked like maybe traces of something else???I had had a lot of trouble last several wks with computer locking up...4 times in 3 hr time span....Jim said probably that worm moving around--it will do that...almost like something alive.     You said using another you mean in addition to or instead of Norton.   Jim told me Norton was pretty good-just update live settings once a week.  Also  Microsoft has a patch you can install for a "hole"  in Outlook Express that lets viruses in.  I am now very leery of opening any attachments even if from a name I know. But I did read that either W95.MTX or KakWorm, you don't need to open attachment; all you have to do is open or preview the email message itself. So how do you get around that?  I finally figured that I will be as cautious as I can but to get the benefits of this computer, there are some risks involved, but the benefits(such as being a Moler) far outweigh the risks.   Welcome Back, dear Lillian!!!!        Pat Kimmi
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Well Pat, if you think you got hit hard, wait till you hear my woes.  I pray there is no one else who got hit with the virus, or should I say viruses??? !
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