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Re: [MOL] From chris; ref: my Dad

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<< Chris,
      Did you say your dad was still drinking some??? If so, with his
 diabetes, he will experince ever more neurapathy, as well as the pain med.
 Propoxy, will give some of the same side effects as he is having, numbness,
 hands & feet, tingling, same places...He needs some other pain meds,
 something without aspirin in it, maybe something like what I take!!...
 Please ask his doctor for something without aspirin in it. Also tell him no
 matter what to stop the drink, even wine, makes it worse!!!... xo Dean >>

Dean, he is getting blood thinners and doesn't take aspirin - at least not 
directly - Tylenol.  His diabetes is actually a very mild case, which is why 
I believe it is being caused more by the other meds than by the disease 
itself.  His blood sugar is relatively stable most of the time.  He doesn't 
drink wine and only drinks about 6 oz of *warm* beer (ugh!) when the nausea 
won't keep anything down.  However, he's hardly been at all lately, so he's 
not drinking either.  -chris
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