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Well Pat, if you think you got hit hard, wait till you hear my woes.  I pray there is no one else who got hit with the virus, or should I say viruses??? !
I had 5 viruses:
    MSIMN.EXE, I miss you, Program file-Outlook Express
    WScript. Kak Worm
    MTX, MTA
They effected 108 files.  Yes, you read right and I am not going to list them all.  Giggling.  One file it effected was my Nortan Virus.  Did I fix all of these?  No way, I tried; but ended up hiring someone to come in and fix it. 
Did find out that the easiest way to fix effected programs is to use another anti-virus program, now why did I not think of that myself?    So here I sit with an elcheapo virus program ($29.95) compared to my exquisite Norton's program and this one actually works fast and better......
Michael did you get everything squared away on yours?
Chris is right, stay away from attachments!!!!  It sure feels great to be back on, missed everyone....love, lillian
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