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Re: [MOL] SRS & colds ...

Carol,  This is one of the reasons I take folic acid, my white count is down, because of the crohns!!!  So plase ask your doctor about this. xo Dean
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Carol, Did you talk to your doctor possibly your white blood count is down?  
There is usually something they can give you. I never had to take radiation
or chemo yet my doctor said it would only increase my survival rate 1%. Oh
How about a large hot fudge sundae or what every you like.  I've become
addicted to a new drink at the ice cream store in our Walmart. It's a frozen
concoction of coffee flavoring and ice cream and Kailua ?  Spelling tastes
great yummy.  Of course the first thing my doctors say is loose weight. Oh
well, tuff.  Carol K