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[MOL] From chris; ref: my Dad

Had a good visit w/ my father today, though somewhat sad.  His pain in his 
feet and legs is still very bad and he thinks it's caused by the diabetes 
(neurapathy). I massaged his feet and legs with liniment and lotion and he 
put them in a foot massager - like two slippers on a pillow thingie.  He said 
it helped some; I sure hope so.  At any rate, it improved his mood a great 
deal, though not his appetite.  He looks very worn and thinner than he should.

Found out the names of all his meds though (finally). Took info from the 
medicine bottles.  Any insight or experience in dealing with these would be 

Propoxy - N/APAP 100-650 mg  Tab TEV, 1 every 4 hours.
Mycelex - 10 mg Troche Alz, 1 tb in mouth (dissolve) 5x daily
Prevacid - 30 mg Cap Dr-Tap, 1x daily
K-Dur - 20 MEQ Tab SA SCH, 1x
Warfarin Sodium, 1 mg Tab, BRR, 1x
Furosemide, 20 mg TAB MYL, 1 TAB, 2x
Dexamethasone,  20 mg tb, PAR, 1 TAB nite before chemo and as directed
Prppoxy - N/A PAP 100-650 TAB TEV

Thanks all. -chris
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