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[MOL] Fw: [BAC] virus warning]

MOLERS--- I received this warning from another list. Also  a person I had
emailed about pleding rosaries for election resolution, received W95.MTX
virus so there are a few going around. My virus alert told me that night I
had W95.MTX.dr but next morning all scans showed WScript.KakWorm. The
repariman told me to update live setting on antivirus once a week where I
had been doing it once a month or so. I'm learing more than I care to about
LILLIAN*****  I'm deleting ALL messages from you  still as I received some
with subjects 12/3 about 12:00 thro 1:00 a.m.   BUT ALSO  about 9 more of
the ones with no subject and an attachment. So to be safe I am deleting
ALL****  ALSO***** be sure after you delete go to delete folder and EMPTY
it!!!!! Jim set mine to empty delete every time I close my email. Don't let
them lay there.  When I was researching viruses either W95.MTX or KakWorm
said you don't have to open attachment to get virus---merely reading or
previewing message allows it to get in......I am so upset that people with
all this intelligence use it for this reason rather than for
good......Lillian I sure miss your emails but am scared to open
them....indeed almost any of them from anyone!

> > W32/ProLin@MM
> > is an Internet worm that spreads via email.
> > McAfee AVERT has given it a risk assessment of MEDIUM TO
> > HIGH-RISK. The email comes with an attachment named
> > CREATIVE.EXE, which carries the icon of a Shockwave Media
> > Player application. You may receive the email in this format:
> >
> > Subject = A great Shockwave flash movie
> > Body = Check out this new flash movie that I downloaded just
> > now ... It's Great
> > Bye
> > Attachment = creative.exe
> >
> > If you run CREATIVE.EXE, it finds and alters all .JPG and
> > .ZIP files on your system and forwards a copy of itself to
> > everyone in your email address book. Please do not run the
> > attachment.
> >
> > This Virus Alert has been issued by the
> > McAfee Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT).
> >

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