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Re: [MOL] Undiagnosed lung cancer/REPLY

Hi!  Often with lung cancer today, they use a two or three prong therapy.  A 3 prong would be surgery, radiation, and chemo.  A two prong would be radiation and chemo.  They have come so far with radiation, it is called steriotatic radiosurger (SRS), with good results and few side effects.  By utilizing the method instead of standard radiation they are able to pin point thus preserving many more healthy cells.  Wishing you both the very best and always know we are here for you.  Warmly, lillian
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Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 5:32 PM
Subject: [MOL] Undiagnosed lung cancer

My father who is 68 yrs. old was admitted to the hospital per the pulmonary
and cardio-vascular surgeon requests. He was admitted for the primary reason
of attempting to diagnose the lung mass. The lung mass was not able to be
diagnosed. Doctors tried to biopsy it through the neck and the chest-to no
avail. then tried to do a needle biopsy by the guidance of the CT scanner,
again to no avail. Most of the doctors have said that all the symptoms are
that of a lung cancer but no specific pathology has been obtained for
testing. He is of very high risk. The mass is located behind the pulmonary
aorta. We are praying for a miracle. His lung functions are sub-optimal to
say the least. What specific blood tests are available for him? His primary
care doctor is an internal medicine dr. but WORTHLESS.
Please help.