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Re: [MOL] Undiagnosed lung cancer

Dr. Slayden;
     I know nothing about what trtmts. or blood tests for
your father but you have my prayers for the miracle that he
so desperately needs.   Your freind,    Beav wrote:

> My father who is 68 yrs. old was admitted to the hospital
> per the pulmonary
> and cardio-vascular surgeon requests. He was admitted for
> the primary reason
> of attempting to diagnose the lung mass. The lung mass was
> not able to be
> diagnosed. Doctors tried to biopsy it through the neck and
> the chest-to no
> avail. then tried to do a needle biopsy by the guidance of
> the CT scanner,
> again to no avail. Most of the doctors have said that all
> the symptoms are
> that of a lung cancer but no specific pathology has been
> obtained for
> testing. He is of very high risk. The mass is located
> behind the pulmonary
> aorta. We are praying for a miracle. His lung functions
> are sub-optimal to
> say the least. What specific blood tests are available for
> him? His primary
> care doctor is an internal medicine dr. but WORTHLESS.
> Please help.
> Sincerely,

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