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[MOL] a difficult topic...

Dear friends...the following relates to the fine line between keeping hope,
optimism, and a fighting spirit; and having quality of life in the final
moments of life. It's a hard thing to talk about, but important to do so, to
be able to make the choices one wants. Love and prayers, Joicy

Dealing With False Optimism In Terminal Cancer
    [12/01/2000; Doctor's Guide]

Doctors and their cancer patients can collude and develop a sense
of false optimism about recovery and not acknowledge death is
close at hand. 

One solution to the quandary might be the introduction of outside
"treatment brokers" which would help dissipate the false illusions
among many patient.

This is suggested in a qualitative observational (ethnographic)
study in two stages over four years by clinicians with the Institute
for Research in Extramural Medicine/Department of Social Medicine,
Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Participants in the study were 35 patients with small cell lung
cancer attending the university hospital for treatment.

Clinicians found that the false optimism about recovery began
early on, usually during the first course of chemotherapy, and
reached its height when the malignancy was no longer evident
on X-rays. This optimism usually disappeared when the tumour
recurred, but it could develop again, though to a lesser extent,
during further courses of chemotherapy.

The full article can be found at:


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