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[MOL] Argentine Scientists Move Toward Cancer Vaccine

Argentine Scientists Move Toward Cancer Vaccine
    [12/01/2000; Reuters News Service]

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine researchers say
they have taken a step toward a possible vaccine that would
fight more than one type of cancer in an experiment in which
they stimulated mice's immune systems to reject breast cancer
and other types of tumors. The researchers said this week they
hoped their work would lead to the development of a vaccine that
could fight more than one variety of cancerous tumors, although
not all types. The team, based in Buenos Aires and working with
help from the University of London, first repeatedly injected
specially treated colon cancer cells into a healthy mouse, provoking
its immune system to defend itself, researchers said. Cells were
then extracted from this mouse and injected into other mice that
also had been injected with breast cancer and sarcoma tumors,
researchers added. The infusion of new cells bolstered the immune
systems of the second group of mice, boosting them sufficiently
to reject the cancer tumors -- even though the tumors were of
a different sort than the colon cancer cells used to heighten
the immune response of the first mouse, researchers said. The
tumor cells still had not returned four months after the treatment
with immune-heightened cells, researchers added.

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