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[MOL] Thought this was cute.

>Subject: Fw: Great greeter?
>Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 14:19:09 -0500
>A man walked into a Wal-Mart and the Greeter said,
"Automotive, aisle
>15." The man asked, "How did you know I was here to
get oil?" The
>Greeter replied, "That's my job."
>Another man walked in and the Greeter said, "Sporting
goods, aisle 
>The man asked, "How did you know I wanted fishing
supplies? The 
>replied, "That's my job."
>A woman walked in and the Greeter said, "Tampons,
aisle 5." The woman
>said, "No, I'm here for hemorrhoid medicine."
>The Greeter said, "Darn, I missed it by an inch!"

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