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Re: [MOL] side effects of colon cancer treatment and alcohol

In a message dated 12/01/2000 12:21:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> inks on his 3rd>  and 4th week.  (he has 1 week chemo and 3 weeks off).  Is 
it ok to be>  drinking alcohol and how much is ok? Does it matter if it's 
hard liquor>  or wine?>  Thank you>  Sue

Sue, my Dad doesn't have the same cancer, nor probably the same chemo, but 
about hard liquor - I would think that's bad for anyone on chemo as it isn't 
terrific for anyone NOT on chemo!  However, my father did find that a little 
beer or wine (at room temperature) helped his nausea and improved his 
appetite.  He had to drink it before or with a meal though, not inbetween.  
His doctor said it was fine as long as it was no more than one glass and not 
on a chemo day.  -chris
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