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I opened attachment on post from Lillian last night. It had no subject in
the subject line and no message in body of email--just attachment. MY Norton
caught it then computer froze up. Shut off, then started and
scanned..nothing...but Virus alert had told me I had W95.MTX.dr virus.
Turned it off til this morn , scanned again ..nothing. My NAV was set to
scan program files. I changed to check ALL files and had 4 files infected
that NAV couldn't repair so quarantined them and called for HELP!!  I had
in 12 places. Took him 2 hours to get it out. When I checked email I had
...19....more of these same messages from Lillian---no subject--just
attachment. DON'T OPEN ..I deleted ALL emails from Lillian (sorry, dear
lady; no offense, please) just to be on the safe side although some of them
had subjects and were probably OK.  M y first virus and not something I care
to do again. The computer guy downloaded a patch that is supposed to close
the opening in Outlook Express that these come thro.  Hope no one else was
as naive as I was.  I'm smarter now (at least about this virus!!)
BEAV-----GREAT NEWS----WHOOOOOPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Pat

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