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[MOL] sticides Tied to NHL in Children

Pesticides Tied to NHL in Children
LOS ANGELES-The link between pesticide exposure and non-Hodgkin’s
lymphoma has been extended to children.
But it wasn’t clear from a study of 268 children and matched controls
by the Children’s Cancer Group whether pre- or postnatal exposure to
pesticides is more important. And no specific pesticide could be
implicated. Previous case-control studies have tied pesticides to
adult NHL.
In the telephone-interview study, reported in the Dec. 1 Cancer,
mothers who recalled using household insecticides regularly (on most
days) while pregnant were 7.3 times more likely to have a child
develop NHL than mothers who did not use these products. 
Even moderate use of these agents (once or twice a week) while
pregnant nearly tripled the risk of disease for children (2.62), as
did the use of professional home extermination at all during
pregnancy (2.98), reported Dr. Jonathan D. Buckley of the University
of Southern California and colleagues.
Additionally, direct postnatal exposure to pesticides increased a
child’s risk of NHL by 2.4 times when compared with children not
exposed. Use of garden insecticides was positively related with NHL
risk, but was not significant.
The link was found in patients with B-cell and T-cell, lymphoblastic,
large-cell, and Burkitt’s lymphomas, though risk varied by type of
NHL and method of exposure. Household exposure of pesticides had the
greatest effect on lymphoblastic NHL, increasing risk 12.5 times.
Children’s direct exposure to pesticides increased risk of large-
cell NHL sevenfold and prenatal exposure to insect extermination
increased the risk of Burkitt’s lymphoma eightfold.
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