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Re: [MOL] Southwestern-Style Grilled Chicken Pizza

In a message dated 11/30/2000 8:23:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Chris
>  You must be one heck of a good cook--this sounds yummy.
LOLOLOL!  I'm an AWFUL cook - my son will eat anyone's cooking before mine!  
Used to be good when he was small and I was a homemaker - cooked much more 
often then - 3xs a day!  Once I went back to work, cooking was an art that 
was sacrficed to find time for other duties.

 Sorry you're having>  such a worrisome time about your Dad--shows how very 
much you love him . My>  Dad is very good at sharing and including my brother 
& I but we're all he>  has left close. He has a sister & brother in Okla. and 
brother and
>  sister-in-law in TX and none are able to travel any distance except
>  sister-in-law. But he can be stubborn too. I think it comes in part with 
>  times he grew up in and 20 yrs in military too.  He has a cataract now that
>  he's not going to do anything about cause that's " not high priority right
>  now"   We love them dearly but like to shake them sometimes, huh? Praying
>  for you lady and your Dad.  Pat Kimmi

Oh, sounds sooooo much like my Dad!  Thanks for your prayers and you have 
mine too, as do all the Molers.  -chris
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