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Re: [MOL] My Dad - from Chris

In a message dated 11/30/2000 7:38:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

>  Thanks for asking Chris, but no I am not better.  In fact, I am in severe 
pain now.  My bones hurt so bad I could scream out loud.  Started radiation 
yesterday, and the doctor claims that will help.  I sure hope so.
    Oh I hope so too Carol!
>    Thought things were much better with your Dad?  How come he is in pain 
They were better in that the tumor in his lung has shrunk very much, but he's 
had this pain in his legs for the last week.  Actually he said he had it 
before the cancer, but never so bad as this.

>    My prayers are with you.
And mine with you.  God bless and I pray He reveals the source and removes 
the pain very soon.  -chris
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