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Re: [MOL] Complemting your Cancer Therapy///

Thanks Lillian for these therapys.  We went to urologist
today and found out my husband has a 1x1cm kidney stone
between his kidney and the bladder. It is to large to pass
he told us. I am thinking that this surely has to add to the
increase of pain that my husband has been having. We will
follow that up with a test (can't spell it) that they do
when they put a small tube up his uretha and look inside the
bladder for lesions.  They are hopeful that all they are
looking at is the kidney stone. My husbands insurance
changes tonight so I will be busy making sure all records
are transferred correctly and that his referral will go
through without a gliche......Hope you are doing ok and
getting through time without to much pain...Your friend,

Lillian wrote:

>   Dear Friends:   I have included for your benefit an
> excelent site regarding complemtry therapies and their
> explanations.  This includes ti-chi, yoga, massage
> therapy; etc.  Many of us use one or a few of these
> therapies to help us keep our stress levels down.  I have
> told you that I use meditation and guided imagery.  For
> those that are fatigue a good guided imagery tape is
> Solving The Puzzle Of Fatigue.  They have many tapes out,
> one for when you are having surgery, one to play while
> having chemo; etc.  I hope this information is of help,
> warmly, your friend,
> lillian,3177,_12|00275|00_21|002,00.html,3177,_12|00275|00_21|002,00.html We
> invite you to take a look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....

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