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Re: [MOL] My Dad - from Chris

In a message dated 11/29/2000 11:07:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

>   I'm so sorry for you to be so emotionally involved with your fathers > 
>  and not be able to do anything about it.  I don't think I could be so > 
>  How can you ignore something so tramactic? 
    Oh!  I rant and rave all over the place - at home.  To the dog, to 
friends on the phone, to Molers...  That's how I get it out.  It's like that 
saying, "All dressed up and no where to go."  I am armed with information 
(thanks to MOL) and no where to go with it. 

 This is truly a very tough way > to>  go.  It seems that your father is very 
self centered.  I can not imagine > what>  this is doing to his wife 
    Yes, Beav, he can be, though he doesn't mean to be.  In his mind, he 
thinks he's sparing everyone worry.  But as he has been TOLD that is NOT so 
and he persists in that thinking, that's where the self-centeredness 
(actually it's "false pride") comes in.

If my husband was in that kind of pain I>  would be calling paramedics. It is 
so sad to, it could be possible that > whatever>  is wrong could be fixed.
    I know Beav and that's been what grinds against me so badly all along.  
Beginning with not seeking a 2nd opinion.  I never cared if my father CHOSE 
this doctor, but it alarmed me that he didn't even consider talking to anyone 
else from the beginning.

  I once knew a lady that was given the wrong>  prescription and it shut the 
circulation off to her feet. She was screaming> in>  pain and wouldn't go to 
the dr. Finally she went but by then she had to have > one>  foot amputated 
and part of the other foot. If she would of went at the first > that>  all 
could of have been avoided.  If only your dad could realize that whether > 
he>  likes it or not he has loved ones that love him and suffer through this 
with>  him. 
    EXACTLY!  Cancer is one of those things that doesn't make only one victim 
- every time it strikes a person it strikes everyone who loves that person 
too.  Not only cancer, any serious illness. He's a real hard head!  Sometimes 
I think that's why he's still here though...

 Your friend,>  Beav    ((((((((Chris))))))))))     Hugs for you too.
    Thanks for the hugs, Beav; they are most welcome and returned to you in 
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