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Re: [MOL] Good news for a change !

Thankyou so much for sharing Carol!!!  It is so good to get
a good news report on this forum.  It is like a breath of
fresh air!    Your friend,   Beav wrote:

> I have to share our wonderful news with you all.  My hubby
> has Hepatitis C &
> has just started the treatment.  They did a blood test to
> see what gena (sp?)
> type of the virus that he has.  The 1st being the oldest
> strain of the virus,
> the hardest to kill, requires the longest treatment time
> (1 year), and the
> lowest cure rate (40%).  The 2nd & 3rd strains are weaker
> strains, with
> shorter treatment times.  HE HAS #3 !!!  Can you believe
> it ?  This will mean
> only 6 months of injections & pills, and the cure rate has
> jumped to 70%.  We
> are so excited, God is definately with us.
> With all the bad news & awful days I have shared, I just
> wanted to share a
> great one!
> As for me, the hair loss is slowing down, and the fatigue
> seems to be
> dropping off.  And perfect timing ... I started knitting
> an afgan for
> Michael's folks for Christmas in flight to Stanford for my
> consultation &
> finished the "strips" tonight !  I now have 3 weeks to sew
> the suckers
> together & crochet around the outside a few times  ...
> just in time for Santa
> !  LOL  Now I'll have to get off my dead butt & do some
> real projects around
> the house ... like Lillians floors I promised !  I highly
> recommend knitting
> to anyone starting treatment ... keeps your mind off just
> how shitty you
> really feel at the time !
> Thanks for letting me share !
> Love, Carol

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