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I had been working on fixing my computer a good part of the day and just
opened your e-mail.  My gut had told me something was askew and I am so
sorry how things are going.

Your wrong, cancer, passing over are not just about one person, it effects
all who are lovingly caring for him, who love him and on and on.  The fact
that you can remain strong while around your husband proves your strength
friend.  Don't ever doubt yourself.  It is also perfectly all right to cry,
tear's give you the strength to pick up and keep moving forward.

Peggy, one can not prepare to let go of a love one.  We can know in our
hearts that his pain will be gone and I know you are not a selfish person.
You wouldn't want him to live, be in pain, be sorrowful, no quality of life.
You have done all in your power friend, now it is time to let God do His
will and we will all be here to help you through this.  We understand and
feel your pain as a loving partner.  May God be with you,  my prayers have
left for heaven and my heart stands besides you.
Lovingly, your friend, lillian

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