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Re: [MOL] catching cancer

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> I'm not sure who wrote about how, as they said, all oncology nurses get > 
cancer.  But I'd wonder about that.  Being a nurse, is one of the hardest > 
jobs in the world, so that leaves open the risk factor of stress.  Also, in > 
their care of patients, they are more exposed, I guess, than your average > 
person off the street to a lot of radioactive substances used in treatment.  
> But that's about it. 

>I don't think there has ever even been a case of someone > catching aids 
after using the patient's toothbrush.

AIDS is contagious by contact w/ body fluids, cancer is not.
My boss's wife is an oncology nurse and she (and the other nurses) say that 
ONCOLOGY nurses DO have a higher a cancer risk than other nurses.      -chris
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