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Dear Lilliancake,
Thank you for your prayers and your sweet note.  I am home, trying not to pay any attention to the news about Florida, on the radio.  I figure if I sqinch(sp.?) up my ears, whenever I hear about it, in at least a few days, it'll have to be gone.
Love and Hugs,
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Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 4:46 PM
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Are there still people left in this world that think cancer is contagious?  Yes, someone told me to be careful and make sure I didn't give it to my husband.  I never forgot her statement; so friend I know how much this hurt you.
I am glad you are going where you feel most comfortable and it sounds as though their taking good care of you.  Much luck tonight and in your waiting for results period.  Always with prayers, lillian
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I'm going for my MRI tonight.  My husband, Tony, is going to take me.  Afterwards, the pictures go to my radiosurgeon at Sloan, and he'll decided what to do next.  I feel pretty OK except for my nerves.  I have gone back to my doctor at Sloan...I feel more comfortable there. 
Thanksgiving was mother-in-law brought down some food, which was good because I couldn't have cooked everything.   She had to add to my husband to keep everything very clean; wouldn't want him to catch my cancer.  I do miss my mother, my sister and my grandparents very much...I like to think of God and The Holy Spirit coming with me to all these things; it makes me feel less lonely.
Love, Hugs, and lots of prayers please, (over the next week or so),