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[MOL] Be Back at the first of the year

Barbara and I will be going on vacation from December 1st through the
end of the year. Back in 1973 we had visited Israel with a tour and
ironically were detained there during the 6 day war. This was prior to
Barbs illness. This time we go with a more spiritual meaning, to visit
those monuments and areas of all three religions, Judaism, Christianity
and Muslim with the hope of reverent healing. There are places such as
the Dead sea and the Church of Sepulchre and the Western wall that have
significant meaning for us to seek healing and solitude and prayer. We
seek healing for my wife who has been battling this disease for well
over 6 years and will return to Israel with the thankfulness in our
hearts that we have had close to 7 years of togetherness when the
prognosis was very short term in 1994. We are not religious people, but
we are very spiritual. Time for us to pay our thankfulness to the one
being that gave me my wife 6 more years of love.

If you dont mind, I will take your messages to these areas and deposit
them for your healing as well. At least you will be in our thoughts and
hearts during this time away and pray that upon our return you are well.
So, with that my friends, I know I have been on this forum for a short
period of time, but anxiously expect to come home and be welcomed as I
had this past month. I hope so anyway.

Be well my friends. Have a peaceful, joyous, healthy holiday season and
you will be in our hearts.

God Bless Each and all of you,
marty and Barbara auslander
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