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Re: [MOL] Laetrile

Dear Carol,

IP-6 is not basically the same as MGM-3, but the goals are similar. They
are made from different ingredients, but the purpose is to boost the
white cell or the nk cell and "t" and "b" cells. My understanding is
that in combination they  are more effective. But then again, it should
only be for those where the immune system is deficient or functioning
abnormally. Also if one is under an Oncologists care, I would suggest
that any vitamin/supplement in any form should be discussed with that
doctor prior to administration as it may interfere with the treatments
you are currently taken.  If the white cells are strong and that may be
a possibility with those that have cancer, then there should be another
area of treatment other than IP6 or MGM3 that should be considered.
Determining the deficiencies in the immune system is a criteria in which
we all need to investigate in order to overcome the disease and/or
maintain good health.

Just my view.
God Bless You,
marty auslander
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