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Re: [MOL] Leapin Lizzards and Jumping Frogs for Roses Carol!

Carol:  Look out your front window, see the frogs jumping up and down.  See the lizard's leaping?  See all of God's critter's jumping with joy for your good news.  You and hubby are on a roll now, how wonderful, your friend, lillian
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Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 11:30 PM
Subject: [MOL] Good news for a change !

I have to share our wonderful news with you all.  My hubby has Hepatitis C &
has just started the treatment.  They did a blood test to see what gena (sp?)
type of the virus that he has.  The 1st being the oldest strain of the virus,
the hardest to kill, requires the longest treatment time (1 year), and the
lowest cure rate (40%).  The 2nd & 3rd strains are weaker strains, with
shorter treatment times.  HE HAS #3 !!!  Can you believe it ?  This will mean
only 6 months of injections & pills, and the cure rate has jumped to 70%.  We
are so excited, God is definately with us.
With all the bad news & awful days I have shared, I just wanted to share a
great one!
As for me, the hair loss is slowing down, and the fatigue seems to be
dropping off.  And perfect timing ... I started knitting an afgan for
Michael's folks for Christmas in flight to Stanford for my consultation &
finished the "strips" tonight !  I now have 3 weeks to sew the suckers
together & crochet around the outside a few times  ... just in time for Santa
!  LOL  Now I'll have to get off my dead butt & do some real projects around
the house ... like Lillians floors I promised !  I highly recommend knitting
to anyone starting treatment ... keeps your mind off just how shitty you
really feel at the time !

Thanks for letting me share !

Love, Carol