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Re: [MOL] Tarnknight

Yes, I have breast cancer since 6/7/99 invasive ductal carcinoma stage 1,
grade 3. I had a mod. rad. Mastectomy 6/7/99 but another biopsy on right,
benign on 10/25/99 since then my bone pain and joint pain has increase 10 X's
I do have degenerative disk disease spinal stenosis, herniated disks and
Fibromyalgia on top due to a job related injury in 94. I'm always looking for
info on bone cancer and how it's detected. I've learned a lot just lurking
around the room. I'm just a newbie on the computer so most times I just hang
out. Thanks for the kind words and concerns. One thing I've learned that
cancer folks are the most up beat folks around Fibromyalgia group too
although I don't know how since most of us never sleep lol Carol K