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Re: [MOL] Subject of Pain

Charlotte that is the typical answer doctors give to chronic pain. Or they
tell you your a woman and your emotional there for you are in pain go take
Tylenol and exercise. If that worked the millions that suffer from
Fibromyalgia Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue syndrome would be out of the door
and back to work. Most of us are on some form of disability not by choice but
because we are unemployable.
Go to this is a web site that lets you find a doctor that has
the best qualifications in your area. It will ask you were you live and how
far you are willing to travel. Then look for a Rhuematologist that if
familiar with Fibromyalgia. Ask before you go if the doctor has treated many
Fibromyalgia patients. It takes a very special doctor to treat patients that
will never get better at best he/she can relieve some of the pain to make you
not suicidal as most of us get due to the chronic pain. I hope you don't have
fibro but if you do your going to meet a great group of folks. Good luck
Carol K     oh ay I forgot call your local Arthritis Ass. there are workshops
to help one understand fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome which is a cousin
of fibro.