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Re: [MOL] Subject of PainBeav.Carol , Chris& Bridget

Charlotte You can look up on many web sites for a better description of
Fibromyalgia but I can tell you my experience. There are specific trigger
points on the body where there is pain when touched. Tiredness due to lack of
deep sleep, general muscle pain that is constant/chronic, pain can be in
chest wall, as if a heart attack but only fibro. Many people have had this
syndrome for years and didn't know what it was because many doctors failed to
accept the illness as more than emotional whining.
Today there are clinical trials going on all over the world because chronic
pain is the # 1 cause of lost wages, lost days at work, ER visits due to
chronic pain.
Just type in Fibromyalgia chat and you should see many different chats
message board.  Hope you never have to feel such pain. Good Luck Carol K