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[MOL] NCI Quick trials for Novel cancer therapies..

November 28, 2000 NewsEdge Corporation

[American Health Consultants, Inc.]

Cancer Research Alert via NewsEdge Corporation : The National Cancer Institute Quick-Trials Program was initially begun as a pilot program in prostate cancer research support, and continues to provide research funding in all types of cancer pilot studies, Phase 1, and Phase 2 clinical trials. The next deadline for application is Dec. 9, 2000. Application receipt dates recur annually through 2002 on April 9, Aug. 9, and Dec. 9. These grants are intended to facilitate the movement to clinical trials of basic science advances in molecular genetics and drug development that have lead to new approaches inhibiting tumor growth either directly or by impacting the tumor microenvironment. Examples of such agents and approaches include the development of new classes of cytotoxic agents, agents that act via immunostimulatory effects, agents that inhibit angiogenesis and metastases or alter signal pathways, and agents targeted specifically to novel cell targets.

These grants follow a modular grant application (R21 mechanism) and award process. The clinical protocol is to be included in the grant application and the peer-review process is accelerated with the goal of issuing new awards within five months of application receipt. Investigators may apply for a maximum of two years of funding support (up to $250,000 direct costs per year). New investigators, minorities, and disabled individuals are encouraged to apply. Applications may include more than one institution. Only limited budget information is required in the application. According to the modular grant mechanism, funds may be requested in modules of $25,000 direct costs with no escalation provided for future years. Further information is available at: www.grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-00-047.html.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences Protein Structure Initiative (Structural Genomics)

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences has issued a program announcement for a modular grant in the area of protein structure or structural genomics. This program is intended to encourage research into the development of methodology and technology underlying the field of structural genomics with the goal of understanding protein structural families, structural folds, and the relation of structure and function. Relevant areas would include high throughput structure determination by x-ray crystallography and or NMR.

These grants will be administered through both RO1 and PO1 mechanisms. Applicants submitting a PO1 application must contact program staff for proper routing of the application. Information is available at: www.grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-99-116.html. Those grants funded through the RO1 mechanism will be funded via the modular grant mechanism. RO1 application requesting less than $250,000 direct costs per year will follow the usual RO1 application process. RO1 applicants requesting greater than this amount will need to follow the instructions in PHS Form 398. Deadline for the letter of intent is Nov. 3, 2000, with the application deadline on Feb. 12, 2001.

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