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Re: [MOL] lupus and brain cancer/REPLY

Hi Amy:  Welcome to our forum where you will meet many wonderful people.  I
am including some sites to help you.  The type cancer your mother has moves
rapidly and is in such a location that it easily can cause personality
changes.  The good news is that they are coming out with some excelent
therapies for this cancer.  We are not in the medical field; so we are
unable to answer some of your questions and merely make suggestions to the
others.  I would suggest that you check into steriotatic  radio surgery
(SRS) vertually no side effects, much easier on the patient; etc.  In my
researching I did just read that a two prong combination therapy works very
well for this cancer (that would mean chemo and SRS)  Two things, make sure
your mother gets a second opinion and that she will be treated at a major
cancer facility.  It is very important that your mother eats healthy, lots
of dark green veggies; etc.  To stay away from sugars.
I hope this has helped you and know we are all here for you.  Warmly, your
friend, lillian

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