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Re: [MOL] Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - Survivor

My Dear FRiend,

It is always  sad to see a new soul come to this, and any other forum,
with the emotions of agony and bewilderment. We are very glad indeed
that you did log on as you will come to find many here that will provide
you with much information and support for your Hubby.

first, may I suggest you contact the national Cancer Institute at
1-80-4cancer and they will provide you with much and answer all the
questions that you may have. its toll free and please also ask them for
names of hospitals on their comprehensive list that you may wish to seek
2nd opinions. In fact I suggest that will be essential.

I just e-mailed you a whole description of the  disease, possible
treatments, etc. Hope it benefits and do come back as there will be more
and more information provided to you  by many others.

God Bless You,
marty auslander

> Sarbjeet Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just got a mail wherin a person is looking for a survivor of
> Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. Her husband is suffering from it and they
> need to know the treatment. Please respond at:
> Thank You
> Sarbjeet
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