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Re: [MOL] Subject of PainBeav.Carol , Chris& Bridget

    What we have had to do because pain can get really bad
at times is go to e.r...They run all the scans, x-rays, mri,
or whatever in a matter of hrs. as opposed to weeks if you
go on a referral from your pcp. They will find out what is
causing the pain and give you whatever it takes to control
it.  When you are in pain such as you are, your body is
going through alot of stress.  It is better to take pain
pills then suffer the pain. That was told to me by a
naturopath dr.  Hope this helps you...I know how it is for
you to be hurting and not have any answers....Love and
Prayers....Beav wrote:

> In a message dated 11/27/2000 7:24:39 PM Eastern Standard
> Time,
> writes:
>> Carol, have they done a MRI of the head,neck and back?
>  I have only had an MRI of the brain.
>  Wow, if this pain gets any worse I don't know what I will
> do.
> Carol O.

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