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Re: [MOL] Laetrile

At 03:13 PM 11/27/2000, you wrote:

Laetrile Is THE answer to Cancer.  Hurry & you can still buy some 5oo mg. tablets.  Take 2 tablets three times daily.  To speed up the process, also take 4 capsules of MGN-3 three times daily !!

Dear Mr. Madden,

As you can see from the attached e-book, I am a strong
advocate of Laetrile and MGN-3, among others, as cancer
cures.  I wonder if you would trade experiences with me
and give me any contacts who may be able to help me
promote this e-book. 

I am not selling anything.  The book is free to anyone
who wants it.  I just finished the book six weeks ago. 
Since then, I've had several dramatic stories told to
me by my friends.  Many of them have forwarded the
book to their friends and relatives.

Five weeks ago, after reading the book, my microbiologist
friend, Tim Nealon, who is in the book, told me this story.
After I had given him the info on MGN-3 in May of 1999, he
passed it to a friend of his whose mother had cancer.  When
he met the mother for the first time 3 months later, she
threw her arms around him and exclaimed, "You saved my life!"

On the other hand, another doctor (radiologist) friend found
out just as I was finishing the book that he had metastasized
cancer and was given only 4-6 weeks to live.  He stubbornly
refused to take anything not recommended by his oncologist,
even after I had bought $400 worth of MGN-3 and shark
cartilage for him.  He died 3 weeks ago.

I saw the answer from Martin Auslander to your post on Laetrile
and MGN-3.  Unfortunately, this is a common reaction, even from
people who are advocating "alternative" treatments.  The cynanide
scare on Laetrile promoted by the drug companies was very
effective.  Lane Labs, distributor of MGN-3, is currently being
sued by the FDA for "false claims", as you are no doubt aware.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 4.0, on your hard
disk, you can just click on the attachment and it will open
on your computer screen.  If you need the Acrobat Reader,
just go to:

There, you can download it free.  Earlier versions of the
Acrobat Reader don't work well.

I would appreciate any information you can give me.  My web
site and "800" number are below. 


Bill Henderson
San Antonio, Texas
(800) 551-6209

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