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Re: [MOL] Lung Cancer - Looking for trial

In a message dated 11/27/2000 10:19:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
>  Traditional approaches such as chemotherapy and>  radiotherapy>  would 
leave her 1-1.5 years max.
    My father was dx w/ NSCLC, advanced stage in 1998.  He has had chemo, 
radiation, and then thalidomide.  The cancer was gone (or so we thought) then 
reared it's head again 2 months ago.  He is again on chemo.  He was dx at 75; 
in July he turned 77.  He's been with us OVER 2 yrs and though it hasn't been 
easy for him, he has good days along with the bad ones.  So I just want to 
say here that the "1-1.5 years max" is only an educated guess, not a fact.  
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