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Re: [MOL] Subject of PainBeav.Carol , Chris& Bridget

Carol: I am truly sorry to hear this pain does not ease up for you.  I take Torodol 10mg. for mine; but it is hard on the liver.  So what else is new, most of the drugs I take are hard on the liver.  The Torodol works very well; but I don't take it as often as I should because I want to be as kind as I can be to my liver.
Have you thought of going to a pain management program?  I would think Moffitt Center would offer this.  I will definitely keep you in prayer.  luv u, lillian
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Carol, have they done a MRI of the head,neck and back?  

 I have only had an MRI of the brain.

 Wow, if this pain gets any worse I don't know what I will do.  

Carol O.