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Re: [MOL] Laetrile

Be careful my friend as laetrille is very dangerous to take in capsules
especially when there is cyanide in vitamin B 17 or laetrille. many
individuals may be allergic to any overdose and you must be careful how
you say "answer". We have been troubled by messages that suggest taking
any one pill or multiple pills are the answer especially when one does
not know the deficiencies in the immune system.

God Bless You,
marty auslander

> "Madden, David - National Chem Atl" wrote:
> Laetrile Is THE answer to Cancer.  Hurry & you can still buy some 5oo
> mg. tablets.  Take 2 tablets three times daily.  To speed up the
> process, also take 4 capsules of MGN-3 three times daily !!
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