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[MOL] FW: Wheat Grass and Cancer

> I just had a bone marrow transplant.  I'm diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma
> or Lymphoma, there not sure.  I had three plasmacytoma's (I don't believe
> anybody else has had three, either one, two, or all over their body).
> VP-16 was one of the chemo's.
> Anyway, can you tell me or guide me to info on wheat grass and cancer,
> especially plasmacytoma's.
> Also, I saw the note below.  Are you a distributor of Crystal Line?  Do
> they sell Wheat Grass?  If so, can I get the 30% discount?
> Please "Reply to All" that way the e-mail will go to my home too.
> Thank you for any help you provide.
> Nanc: I took the brochures to my mom and sister yesterday. Mom mom
> especially thought they were lovely. I don't know if they'll order
> anything, but I'm going to send you an order on Monday. I like the little
> angels, and the oil lamp is beautiful, but I can't really afford it right
> now. Your prices, by the way, are excellent considering the amount of work
> that goes into each piece and the artistry! Love, Kathy -----Original
> Message----- From: NLPOST@AOL.COM <NLPOST@AOL.COM> To:
> mol-cancer@lists.meds.com <mol-cancer@lists.meds.com> Date: Wednesday,
> November 25, 1998 6:26 PM Subject: [MOL] RE: Crystal Line!!!!! >Hi, >All
> of you interested in buying any of the Crystal Line, I am offering it to
> >you MOL's at 30% off brochuer prices, plus shipping. >Thanks, >Nanc
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