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Re: [MOL] Subject of Pain

We have experienced the same thing through chemos. Actually
my husband has. It really makes you fight your head when
they tell you the cancer is residing or stablized and you
are in so much pain. The only answers we were given is that
nerve pain can hang on for awhile. And if the lesions are
where your pain is it could be that. I also seen on the
forum here that one had her onc. tell her that tumors can
cause pain when they are shrinking. I don't remember who
that was.......Beav wrote:

> Hi,
>  I just received results of my bone scan, and it says that
> the lesions are
> drastically smaller.
>  My question is "can chemo itself cause bone pain"?.  I am
> in severe lower
> back pain and also pain in the collar bone.  If my bone
> scan is so much
> better I cannot understand why the pain is getting so much
> worse.
>  Carol O.

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