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I had a retired cancer nurse tell me that eventually
onocology nurses end up getting cancer. I thought that was
so bizarre because there is absolutlely no evidence of
cancer being contagious.  Just thought I would add my

Lillian wrote:

>   Are there still people left in this world that think
> cancer is contagious?  Yes, someone told me to be careful
> and make sure I didn't give it to my husband.  I never
> forgot her statement; so friend I know how much this hurt
> you. I am glad you are going where you feel most
> comfortable and it sounds as though their taking good care
> of you.  Much luck tonight and in your waiting for results
> period.  Always with prayers, lillian  We invite you to
> take a look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....
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>      Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 11:16 AM
>      Subject: [MOL] Hi!
>       I'm going for my MRI tonight.  My husband,
>      Tony, is going to take me.  Afterwards, the
>      pictures go to my radiosurgeon at Sloan, and
>      he'll decided what to do next.  I feel pretty OK
>      except for my nerves.  I have gone back to my
>      doctor at Sloan...I feel more comfortable
>      there. Thanksgiving was mother-in-law
>      brought down some food, which was good because I
>      couldn't have cooked everything.   She had to
>      add to my husband to keep everything very clean;
>      wouldn't want him to catch my cancer.  I do miss
>      my mother, my sister and my grandparents very
>      much...I like to think of God and The Holy
>      Spirit coming with me to all these things; it
>      makes me feel less lonely.  Love, Hugs, and lots
>      of prayers please, (over the next week or
>      so), Martha

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