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Re: [MOL] Subject of Pain

In a message dated 11/27/2000 1:35:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
>    My question is "can chemo itself cause bone pain"?.  I am in severe 
>  back pain and also pain in the collar bone.  If my bone scan is so much 
>  better I cannot understand why the pain is getting so much worse.

Oh, Carol, is that EVER a re-run! :)   My father has had backaches since he 
started chemo (carboplatin and gemzar - and initially taxotere w/ 
carboplatin) the first time.  The nurse said it's not from the chemo itself, 
but from the pre- and post-chemo shots.  I think it's the steroids.  His bone 
scans are clean too and have been all along.  -chris
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